Addressing the Inner Child Artist – NHAF

Addressing the Inner Child Artist – NHAF

A talk about honing artistic skills in all children who are succumbed to loose their creativity as soon as they approach 10yrs+.
NHAF-Educating art amongst children.

In my career as a fine artist, I often remember my school days, where I had a great yearning to know about art , its techniques and expressions .But, most of prevailing art practices were all bookish and banal, esp. When it came to the child’s art education. This is when I realise, there is a big lapse for a passionate art-loving child to hone his artistic skills.

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Art education till date amongst all children is nothing more than making a copy of any given drawing or paintings with no creative boosters given to a child. Resulting: A child looses his artistic abilities as soon as he or she reaches 10yrs +. (Taken from statistics records study of NHAF – Sir annual Inter school art events over the period of a decade.) (For more information :- )
This incident further laid NHAF art foundation stepped towards breaching the old clichéd practices of imparting art education amongst all children, and providing them with an accomplished form of practicing art which focus on addressing the child’s inner artist.

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NHAF withstands: –

• Every Child is a born Artist. He expresses his feelings beautifully in all his drawings.
• Art education leads to whole development of brain. LEFT + RIGHT BRAIN.
• Art and Artist both are born in nature and hence art should be introduced beyond the spaces of four walls.
• True Art practice makes a child happy, creative, balanced and confident. These all ingredients are needed for 100% growth of a child.

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NHAF in shaping of a child Artist: –

“ Every child is a born artist, and now will remain one, forever.”,  NHAF awarded team is in continuous efforts of developing art workshops, to nurture young creative brains giving them enough food to satisfy their creative skills. This includes the authentic fundamental art knowledge in following subjects and techniques: –
* Sketching * Water Colours  * Pen and Ink * Installations * Various Textures etc.

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( Pioneers of Art in outdoors)

With an introduction to these techniques and many such others in the very formative years  (children as young as 5 yrs+) has lead to child’s creative imagination to a new level. NHAF workshops, currently ongoing in one of the schools of Mumbai, The CAJC Infant School, have marked a phenomenal spurge in a child’s creativity levels over the period of short time.

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Artist Expression :- “I’d never realise Arts true miracle ,until while working on a cause, I noticed that practicing art has really boosted the morals of severely affected cancer children. These kids were able to smile even after their chemotherapy.” – Niki Hingad, Founder NHAF.

5 Things we do to kill a creative child.

5 Things we do to kill a creative child.
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As a child ,I was always wanting to draw the world beyond the space available using no’s of colours and paints .I’d use my imagination creating fathomless permutation and combinations . Sky was no limit for me.

In the process of growing up I was being told that this kind of painting isn’t the way should be done .

“ Oh! Darling you gonna fill up this square with in the outlines and paint this apple only what you see on it and not what you don’t and that means only RED. Fearing rejections I accepted the guided instructions and moved the way ,I was being expected to do ,cautiously … within the outlines”.

So, the earth now was always round, the sky blue and the grass always green .

So whats wrong with this many of you would think isn’t it what it is supposed to be like ?

Here’s how any adult will unconsciously kills the creativity of a child, who’s a born ARTIST.
1) Rejecting the painting done by the child :

” This is not good”, “ What have you done in this… I can’t understand“,” Drawings should look beautiful”, … remember these phrases. May be one of these were experienced by you as a child when you were young.

Then ,what happened next ? .. Result : You were shy lifting those brushes again and till now many of you think you cannot draw well.

Reason: Fear of REJECTIONS : One the fear that a child stops working on his feelings and expressions and do what his elders think, looks nice .

Remember each child is a born artist and has a thinking of his own, which comes beautifully when they draw with full freedom of EXPRESSION.

Making a positive sentences even when you fail to understand their drawings is the best way to encourage your child. So, Encourage them ALWAYS !


2) Making Art sessions boring:

Imagine an hour in your life as compared to your child. A child can think, act and work, more faster than any average adult can do. Any art session planned should be designed in much exciting and creative way to give good fodder to satisfy these creative brains. And Strictly Not in the dull archaic way. Avoid asking them just to copy or colour something.

Remember “Artist do not copy , but they CREATE”- NHAF.
3) Giving them same monotonous materials to use every time:

A child has the maximum potential to create. Providing them with different choices of safe materials will boost their creativity and help in expressing themselves in many ways. Their imagination will go on optimum level.


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4) Emphasising only on drawings or colouring but an all round development :

Aim at developing the all round creativity of the child . Give them creative boosters. Introduce them to different textures and styles of paintings. This will boost their creativity  and simultaneously , the love for art.

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5) Keeping them indoors : “ An Artist is born in nature”.  

Prepare an outdoor kit. Fill it their favourite colours and materials. Take them in outdoors and show them nature .Give them vision to create their own reality.



All this knowledge is being shared to you ,on basis of your experience in the field of art. Our NHAF art foundation motto,” A child should remain an artist even when they grow up. ” We hope to create a wonderful change in the field of art in all young children .Thank You.

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