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NHAF promotes the TRUE FORM OF ART. We work purely on enhancing the creativity for a child, our approach is completely dynamic, from the grass root level of the technique, working more on concepts and not on face presentations , focusing on fundamentals of drawing. NHAF works in various fields of Art round the year. These activities are held in various designations and includes special courses in various fields and techniques of: a) Sketching b) Charcoal c) Calligraphy d) Pen and Ink e) Clay modeling f) Water colors g) Acrylic colors h) Cartoon caricature i) Landscape j) Portraits

NHAF Art Foundation Supports:

-Art students from Sir J.J. School of Arts.

– Organizes Annual National Level – Inter School drawing event for school children at Sir J.J.School Of Arts.

– Organizes round the year programs to promote art amongst school going children.



Multiple projects NHAF has been associated with:

– Indian Council For Cultural Relations, ICCR along with Mumbai University.

-The Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

-The Cathedral And John Connon School.

– The Rotary Club Of Mumbai.

– The St. George’s Hospital, Mumbai.

– Cancer Care Hospital, Jaipur.

– Specially Abled School, Byculla, Mumbai.

-National societies for clean cities, Mumbai.

-National Gallery for Modern Arts, Mumbai.

-Somaiya school ,Vidya vihar.

-NSS Hill Spring International .

-Associations with many other social organizations.

It’s our 5th year of doing this wishful act by NHAF, based on the fact, it’s being made possible only, due to the best supporting team from Sir J.J.School of Arts and all art loving children.For this year we are pleased to announce our association with one of the most prestigious institutes of India, The Indian Council For Cultural Relations-ICCR, for the whole event.Mr. Mallik ( Regional Director, ICCR) along with our other guests from Indian Art fraternity to give a colossal amount of moral support to all our NHAF Artists.

We have various nature camps and  workshops on open grounds to support freedom and creativity in our artists, where we have demonstrate children how to accomplish all sketches in a minute with our unique minutesketch® technique.

Our endeavor is to encourage all possible activities related the artistic world in school going children.Our award winning team from Sir J.J.School is worth a billion dollars clearing many doubts related the art field .


Admission Criteria :-Screen shot 2015-07-11 at 3.51.14 PM


* For all references pls visit us on facebook/nikihingad.artfoundation

**Scholarship for NHAF awarded artists /students involved in any kind of social activities outside or done with NHAF (Note: There would be many occasions where we ask our students artist to volunteer in their activities for the social cause)

* All NHAF Artistry Sessions at NHAF BASE, 1-1 Ratnakar bldg Narayan dhabolkar marg, off Nepean Sea Road, near Aditya Vatika Gardens. MUMBAI.

Any query to be answered on email at nhafgenius@gmail.com/nhafforyou@gmail.com or 9892908081,between 10 am – 5 pm

(Pls do contact us for any social activity related to Art and we will be happy to help you with our team.)


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